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With cryptocurrencies causing upheaval in the financial markets, it is safe to say that many eyes are now trained towards the world of online trading. The fact that there is a lot of money to be made here is becoming more and more widespread, thereby drawing in more people in this space. Consequently, the demand for online brokers has also experienced an increase and numerous new companies have been founded to meet this need. CTmatador is one of the newer options that can be found in the market that offers global traders the chance to explore this world of opportunities. But, checking this CTmatador review is a good move before you sign up.

This is to ascertain that this forex and CFD broker can provide you with everything that may be needed for trying your luck in the financial markets. Every broker you come across promises you the best and professional services, but they may not be able to deliver. Whether CTmatador is able to live up to its claims or not can be concluded after going through this review:

Trading Assets

The financial markets are filled to the brim with different types of assets, but you need to know that not all of them can provide you the same level of profits, neither do they carry the same risks. A number of brokers promise you the best instruments, but this definition varies for everyone, depending on their risk appetite. Therefore, it is recommended that you check what trading assets are provided by a broker before moving forward. The assets available at CTmatador belong to some of the most profitable financial markets in the world and are quite popular. You can trade in the forex, commodities, bonds, indices, stocks and cryptocurrency market, which gives you the chance to diversify, keeping your trading risks low.

Trading Accounts

You should also ensure that the broker you choose is ready to cater to traders with your background. Some companies do have a specific target audience in mind when they create their packages and you should take this into account if you don’t want to deal with any complexities. This will not be a problem with CTmatador because they facilitate traders of all levels on their platform, as obvious from their two account options.

There is a risk-free, demo account that targets amateurs and newbies with zero experience, offering them competitive pricing 24 hour customer support, education, news and analysis and negative balance protection. The second account that CTmatador has added is called the live trading account, which is for skilled and experienced traders, offering them a relationship manager and priority service, along with the features of the demo account.

Trading Platform

It wouldn’t be possible to make a smart decision without considering the trading platform that you will be provided for use. As this is the feature of the broker you engage with for the most part, it has to be a good one and CTmatador has definitely delivered. You will have the MetaTrader platform at your disposal, which comes with top-notch technology for quick trade execution. The intuitive interface makes the platform easy to use for beginners and experts alike. Moreover, the impressive range of trading tools is also worth checking out, as it includes charts, calculators, price alerts, and news, graphs and risk management tools.

Trading Support

The support provided by a broker can also be a deciding factor and CTmatador has been attentive in this aspect as well. Visit the ‘Contact Us’ section on their website and you will find an email and phone number given to use 24/7, along with an online contact form. You can also use the FAQ section to find answers you may need.


In addition to these offerings, you will find that CTmatador also offers an affiliate program through which you can make additional money. Their pricing is also competitive and they have robust security, providing the right trading environment for success.

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